Professional Dog Training in Pittsburgh

Group training begins in June!

During this time we are pleased to feature training sessions with Paul Anthony. We understand that for many of you, your schedules and habits have changed drastically, and the needs of dogs and puppies don’t stop.

We take the task of maintaining cleanliness, and social distancing protocols very seriously, and have tried to offer solutions that take that into account.

Paul’s experience and expertise focuses on teaching client’s pets obedience, behavior modification & detection.

Paul uses motivational, operant, and traditional training techniques to achieve the desired behavior from the dog. Paul believes strongly in the need to educate both owner and dog in order to nurture their relationship, and help them achieve their highest potential.

Paul Finn Dog Training

Paul Finn

What we offer:

  • “Day Camp” 5 day units of drop off training- Bring your dog for daily sessions of training which establish a groundwork of obedience training. Your dog will experience a tailored schedule of individualized training sessions, rest time, and daycare play. For best results, we highly encourage you to set aside time each day to practice even just a few skills.
  • “Puppy Imprinting Board and Train” This is a 1 week board and train program designed for puppies between the age of approximately 10-14 weeks. The purpose of this program is to establish a foundation of skills your puppy can build upon. Your puppy will learn engagement, sit, place, down, recall, and loose leash walking skills. We incorporate crate training to encourage puppies to rely on their crate as a safe, calm, predictable environment. We recommend you begin this program with a consultation when your puppy is between 8 – 10 weeks of age.
  • 1 Week Board and Train- This is a board and train program that includes practicing engagement, sit, place, down, recall, and loose leash walking skills. There are 2 separate 1 hour private training sessions at our facility included within the first 3 months to review the material.
  • 2 Week Board and Train- This is a more comprehensive board and train package that includes the skills addressed in the 1 week board and train program, and also includes teaching your dog to “relax”. 3 separate 1 hour private training sessions at our facility are included within the first 3 months, and one, 1 hour in home private training session to review the material.
  • 3 Week Board and Train- This is the most comprehensive board and train package/ routine. This includes all of the skills addressed in the 1 and 2 week board and train programs, and also includes more off leash recall and skill training. This package includes 4 private training sessions at our facility, and two 1 hour private training sessions in your home within the year to review the material and practice skills.
  • • “Play and Train Days” Play and Train Day Session-
    Drop your dog off for individualized training sessions intermittently placed throughout a full day session of daycare play, and instructor led activities.
    This daycare program is designed to work with your dog to reinforce good training habits, and mentally as well as physically stimulate your dog. While daycare is a GREAT activity- adding a few more tricks into your dog’s repertoire, or really solidifying your dog’s “leave it” or “place” commands, there are a ton of skills we can hone in on based on you and your dog’s goals and needs.
    Dogs of all breeds and skill levels are welcome to attend. Any dog that is a suitable candidate for daycare play is the IDEAL student for our “Play and Train” program.
    Drop off hours for play and train are from 7AM to 9AM, and pickup hours are between 4PM and 7PM.
    To enroll: We require a one time only 30 minute evaluation session for you and your dog to meet the trainer and discuss your needs and goal prior to tailoring a customized activity schedule for your dog. The fee for this evaluation session is $30.
    The cost of the Play and Train session is $65, this includes the full day of daycare play + group and individual training.
    Sessions are typically offered WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS and signups are a weekly rolling enrollment. If you register for a session while social distancing protocols are in place, the 30 minute evaluation session can be conducted over the phone and the $30 session fee is waived. Space is limited to 10 weekly participants.

Interested in Enrolling?

If you are interested in enrolling in any of these classes, or if you have training questions please reach out. Call us at (724) 939-3947 email:

The best way to accurately gauge which program or training schedule is a good fit for your dog is by scheduling an evaluation.

A Drop -Off Evaluation: this consists of a drop off and introduction period, and a 30 minute evaluation by the trainer is $50.

A one hour in-home evaluation is $150

If you require an urgent in-home behavior evaluation the fee is $200 but your appointment will be expedited.

Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you and your dog!